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56 Chevy


        Originally traded for a1970 Chevelle “Big Block” car I was selling, this 1956 Chevy sported the ugliest engine bay I’ve ever seen. After the trade took place, I realized why the transaction happened so easily. The 327 cubic inch engine leaked from virtually every portal and gasket surface ever known to a small block! However, a ‘56 Bel Air Hot Rod is worth more than a ‘70 Chevelle Malibu on any Sunday, so I still felt I was ahead in the process and proceeded with the removal of the yellow (yuk!) engine and the firewall clean up. As with most projects, by the time you get through with the ugly stuff you’re either off the frame or down to the firewall. Being as busy as I am running the company, I opted to stop at the firewall on this one. Besides, I was extremely excited about owning my first ‘50’s vintage Chevy and was looking forward to driving it at some point this millennium!

        Although the “56 was originally a factory A/C car, someone in years past made it look like a 1930’s airplane by installing sheet metal patches across the firewall with hundreds of rivets. Those patches were replaced by the appropriate amount of welding, bodywork and satin black paint which yielded a beautiful smooth surface.

        All in all, the ’56 Bel Air has been a fun project. The car now boasts a nice lumpy cam, Zoom clutch, Edelbrock manifold & carb up top, signature series chrome, Power Disc Brake upgrade, line lock and Accel coil & wires. Even on a cold day she’ll start right up and lump along at an idle. The 4 speed and 4-11’s make this car a lot of fun to drive. When you pull up for cruise night and flip the top, the show usually migrates right towards her.


Middlefield CT 06455 

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