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1968 Mustang Convertible 302 - Engine & Full Car Detail

 One of the all time greats! This 1968 Mustang Convertible Gem belongs to a Connecticut real estate broker who just loves his sunny weather luxury craft. A vehicle that came in for a basic safety inspection and detail and turned into a little bit more under the hood then expected.

 As with everything the Muscle works on, the intake manifold and valve covers were cleaned and refinished to the proper color to compliment the repairs performed. The addition of the color, several fresh lines and electrical items being replaced brought on a plethora of quickly refinished items that wound up producing an engine cavity worthy of anyone’s Dairy Queen cruise night.   

The owner is extremely pleased with his quickly detailed engine cavity and promises that he will be in for a new set of hood hinges because he feels he will wear them out from the repetitive opening and closing of the hood.

Although the value may have gone up on this piece of rolling real estate this is one agent that won’t be selling for any offer.      

80C Main Street, Portland, CT 06480

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