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1969 Z-28 Camaro Collision Restoration

This 69 Camaro Z/28 car belonged to a long time customer of the Muscle when it was smashed head on and ripped down the side by an oncoming driver  thus forcing the much “wanted”  restoration of this 454 Big Block Camaro.  

E-Muscle met with the insurance company and aided the modern day insurance appraiser with the correct look up and pricing of all the oldies but goodies to put this beast back on the road properly.  The customer was able to sit back and enjoy his weekly pictured emails of his car coming back together.

 This Insurance financed project yielded tons of fresh new sheet metal and the front end damage forced the issue of a replacement sub frame. Once the engine was out and on the floor it was decided that this would be the best time to do the complete engine cavity detail to include all new suspension, disc brakes and more.

 Like many an unfortunate 60+ year old F-Body, there was plenty of silicone holding in the front windshield and the wiper cowl. This too would have to go. Basically rendering the entire front end of this car disassembled and in deep surgery.  

 Once out of the hospital it was time for fresh color and some accurately placed Z 2/8 striping. “And while your there can you add some pearl please”! The end result was a High gloss black Z with a set of pearly whites that would be the envy of any dental office.

 Out of the many ways one can get their car refinished and put back into a six pack staring contest with an immovable object, this is probably not the preferred way but the end result was the same and it wasn’t all out of the owners pocket.

Middlefield CT 06455

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