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1969 AMX Engine Fire Overhaul (Insurance Claim)


The Muscle has been commissioned to redo the engine cavity on this extremely rare AMX.

The program will consist of pulling of the 390 engine, clean up to the engine and cavity, repaint and complete resurrection. Each part will be removed right down to front end and each engine component for evaluation, rebuild or replacement. 

 Although the customer had some bolt on chrome and goodies under the hood, it was decided that we would eliminate the aftermarket items and make the cavity completely stock in appearance.  

 Due to our one stop service facility, the customer has added several services to the job to enhance vehicle performance. Mods will include engine rebuild, a transmission upgrade, Rear end rebuild, Petronix internal HEI upgrade (Undetectable) to distributor and performance exhaust system.

 The bucket console interior and paint are excellent on this AMX! When complete this vehicle will be a better then stock performing cruise night special that has the steam to back up itís looks.

 If you have never seen the damage that fire can do to a car, then keep watch on this project and see what it takes to correct this charred and unfortunate situation. While youíre watching though I would take a minute to make sure that old fire extinguisher in your ďBabyĒ is fully charged. If you donít already have one on board, make a bee line for the Home Depot and pick one up.

 Consider it an insurance policy for about $25.00 a year! Those are really great rates! And you donít have to listen to a little green Gecko to prove it.

Customer Email:  "Hi guys!  Bob took his car to Bart's last night.  Low and behold he's come home with a trophy!  He is really very satisfied with the work Brian and the E-Muscle Team did with the car.  Bob want's to thank yall for everything.  Take care."  Marge & Bob


Middlefield CT 06455

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