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1970 Challenger R/T Structural repairs and fresh Color!

In our effort to “give back” something to the current economy and the people that have helped us through these trying times, E-Muscle stepped up to the plate and helped to provide this beautiful Hemi Orange paint job on one of America’s all time greatest Mopars, The 70 Challenger R/T.

The proud owner is now sporting a Dupont Base Clear Hemi Orange paint job with fresh trim and the undercoats to back it up for a very long time.

E-Muscle salutes those who serve this country and make  their sacrifices every day to make America a safer place to live! 

K-Frame removal -------required!

--Heavy Structural ---------Rust

Someones ideas of----- rust repair

--Damage survey

-Bracket removal

--Cut Away View


---Inner structure ----------repair


Welding in place

Grind down welds

---Rust treatment -----inside and out

Re-install brackets


-OK Let's do the ------paint now!

----Tear down

--Here comes the-------- bondo

----Stripping old -------cracked finish

-Behind Door #2


-Fabricate patch

---Weld in place

Grind down the ---------welds

----Skim Coat


Repaired & hi build -------primer

---Guide Coat

--Blocking out the --------primer

Replacement panel ------alignment

Fresh semi gloss ----------to all

---Test fit to spoiler

----Final sealer

-----Clean up


70 Challenger R-T


----Rub & Buff


----Re-install trim

-Decal application

Lots of soapy water ----for this one!

---She's a beauty!

--Ready for Road -------& Track

-----Rear view--------- intimidation

------How the ---------competition ---------will see it.


Middlefield CT 06455

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