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1970 Chevelle SS matching Numbers 396 4 speed 12 Bolt Posi Car

1970 Numbers Matching Chevelle

        The story behind this vehicle is interesting to say the least. When a friend of mine asked I bring along my library of Chevelle serial number books when performing an inspection to verify the authenticity of a 1970 SS ďAll numbers matching carĒ he was interested in buying Ė I figured the car was something special.

        As I continued to verify matching numerals and date codes, I was ready to burst at the seams. This blue beauty was absolutely correct, right down to the factory-original engine, differential, transmission and exhaust manifolds! Although my buddy was impressed with the carís originality, he wasnít pleased with its many mechanical and cosmetic issues. However, I couldnít have been happier because I knew I wanted to buy this great example of muscle car history and put my personal signature on it - in the form of a complete restoration.  

        After a quick exchange of cash, I was soon on my way home with the vintage Chevelle. Unfortunately, I didn't get very far when the four speed shifter linkage hung up and required a quick roadside repair. Shortly thereafter, I had the pleasure of taking 3 short road trips in the car before the engineís tone changed and it sucked in three valves. In spite of this mechanical failure, I couldnít be upset with my ďall numbers matchingĒ SS.  

        To be honest, even if the car didnít have the valve issue, Iím sure I would have torn the engine down anyway. Iím now in the process of gathering together all the precious goodies I need to put her back together and canít wait to hear the SS roar back to life.   

-       Brian Chaffee


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