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Lynch Rd. plant to dealer invoice

Dealer Invoice to first owner

Original warranty pamphlet

Original manual, inserts & plastic bag

Hot Rod February 1970 Bird Ad

Paint Codes

Actual Poloroids in front of Nichels Go-Fast plant

Photos dated march 1972

Original newspaper article documenting EPA Bird project

Copies of press releases done for Nichels

More press releases 1972

More press page 3

Actual rice paper gas station receipts w/fill up intervals

Gas receipts signed by John Moran

Testing spreadsheet w/dates-locations-mileage & drivers

Map of who drove and where testing was done

Enlarged copies of original photos

Interior pics as Ray built it in 1972

Car & Driver article September 1972

Post EPA owner State Inspection Sheets

Ray Nichels passes 11-25-05

Nichels documentary of accomplishments

Nichels built cars

Nichels built NASCAR Bird

Nichels History Page 1

History Page 2

History Page 3

Custom Rodder 1963

Nichels Pontiacs

Rodder Article

Popular Hot Rodding Feb 1964

Nichels builds a hot one article

Nichels Hot Ont

Speed Age April 1953

Paul Goldsmith and me by Ray Nichels

Paul & me article

Paul & me article

Datona Program July 4 1962 Nichels records

Galen Goviea Certification

Documentation binder

Documents protected

All documents in cronological order

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