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1972 Corvette Restoration

This 72 Corvette  came to us from the Moroso Corvette Show down in Guilford Connecticut when the owner and his family went to the show in search of a potential restorer of their project.

After detailed conversation with the owner about how he wanted the vehicle, it was decided that the Muscle was the right place to give new life to this 133,000 mile Corvette. This car was not to be just any run of the mill Vette though. The meetings with the owner and myself resulted in a GM ZZ454 crate motor sporting 450 H.P., 390 rear end gear ratio, rack and pinion steering conversion, Super Brakes, Side Pipes, Poly Bushings and 2 offset rear trailing arms for larger meats in the back to keep all this power moving in a forward motion! Customer also has a flare for all things glossy. So the chassis will be stunning and highly detailed as well! 

The exterior will return to its original Brier Blue with only a few modifications. Interior will be put back to perfection and every single option (and there are tons) will be back to factory functional on this car.  This car will be exceptional when completed with a couple of the best in the business doing the bulk of the work.

The owner has a no-nonsense approach when it comes to doing things right which is helping this car turn into one serious machine! We here at the Muscle would like to take a moment to commend the owner of this vehicle for letting us have so much fun and do what we do best with this one. The other thing is this gentleman never comes in without the wife or the kids. Its great to see not only the owner but the whole family involved in the project. Makes it that much more enjoyable. I wonder if I should ask about installing a few more seats?

Owner's comment:  "Cost of restoration....affordable.   Cost of 15 gallons of premium fuel...$30.00.  Driving through the back roads of Durham at 7:00 am on a summer Sunday morning with the T-Tops off....PRICELESS!"



Middlefield CT 06455

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