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69 Camaro DZ 302 Project

This project brings a whole new meaning to NOS and factory correct. Our client had purchased this very Rare DZ302 Cross ram car and although it may have been great for just about anyone with a passion for Vintage muscle, having a set of badges and a hood scoop was not going to cut it for this Camaro purest. That’s where E-Muscle came in:

In less than a month the car was stripped back to nothing but a rolling chassis and body shell to begin what will be deemed as a 100% factory correct/NOS built Z. When complete she will have all the appropriate aftermarket bolt-ons that one could get from GM over the counter back in the mid to late 60’s such as Transistorized ignition, Headers, Cross ram carbs and alike.  

Other “Must have” options include Jl8 Disc brakes, M22 4 speed, RS wiper squirters, Original style “donut” spare tire & Enduro bumper jack along with full Rosewood Wheel and trim package.

It is important to note that every item purchased or rebuilt had to have the correct date codes or were to be NOS replacements right down to the Brake Booster, distributor cap and fresh tinted glass.   

The engine will be gone through and when completed will be sick enough to run on racing fuel only with the Big Mutha Thumpr cam to keep that original DZ sound! Our client is already out buying gas cans!


Middlefield CT 06455

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