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Chevelle SS Convertible

Pro Touring Build

< After many years of precision automotive restoration, E-Muscle continues to broaden its horizons to include this one off 71 Chevelle SS Custom Pro Touring Build.

The car came in to our shop in its presented drivable condition but upon our 3 page safety inspection report it was revealed that the frame was rotted and the firewall had its own fresh air ventilation system similar to that of Fred Flinstone’s. We knew we had our work “cut out” for us.

The solution was to offer our frame off restoration service but in what direction? Two options were offered for the rebuild:

A stock 454, M22 4 speed and replacement stock frame or……….

A High Performance Build with Pro Touring chassis and a custom built 454 powered with 5 speed Tremec Transmission!

The owner took the path less traveled and asked for something that most can only dream of having. The Custom Build!

Design Modifications were to include:

-454 / 500 HP w/Aluminum Edelbrock heads & Demon Carb

-Tremec 5 Speed Transmission (made to fit stock console)

-Winters/Moser 4 Link Rear End w/373 Gears

-Custom Built Powder Coated Pro Touring Frame

-Rack & Pinion steering

-Coil over shocks

-Wilwood 4 wheel disc brakes with 13” rotors

-20” Boyd Coddington wheels

From there everything else was custom made to adapt this basically stock looking sleeper to the radical undercarriage!

Not happy with your basic accessories that come with your off the lot 71 Chevelle, the owner requested some rather unique and special options to make for a much more enjoyable driving experience.

Along with the power window upgrade, his vehicle was outfitted with the latest "Go Fast" detection devices available as well as enough theft deterrent devices to make an Escalade jealous.

If you’re lucky enough to hear the stereo over the massive power plant, you would be listening to a 600 Watt JVC Chameleon hidden audio set up with CD/DVD USB, IPOD features all run by remote control from the driver’s seat.

And finally the standard 71 Chevelle does not come with an oil pressure gauge. To deal this GM oversight, E-Muscle gutted the no longer required AM radio and installed an LED oil pressure gauge so upon start up you know right where your 500 Horses were at!

The end result, a stock looking 71 Chevelle that boasts Muscle Car Power with zero roll and the handling of a Ferrari!

As the car creeps up to the local shows you can see the body’s bend and the heads scroll down to look at the undercarriage gleaming with chrome, aluminum, stainless and just about every other shiny composite that exists today.  

Special thanks to the owner of this “one off” who has shared his ideas with us over the course of the build and given us the resources to allow us to do what we love.


Pro Touring Build & Design by: Brian Chaffee & The E-Muscle Team   

Click Here  for some interesting "BEFORE & AFTER" Pictures...

In for inspection

First Impressions can be deceiving

Smells like something died in here

One seriously tired 402

Wear holes in the frame

Old undercarriage

Safety inspection reveals serious frame corrosion

Previous unsafe repairs

Don't try this at home

Repl Trunk pan not attached

WOW!-Nuff said!

No problem getting to this frame mount

A dash in need of some cash

Improperly SSpaced

This bumper must have been bumped

Bondo mismatch

Looks like the trunk took a dunk

Firewall air conditioning

Nothing left to tap

Engine has seen better days

Engine tear down

Console carpentry

Body coming off frame

Lift off!

1st look at the damage

Accident waiting to happen

Firewall decay

Bracing for complete floor removal

Not much left

Begin to cut away the rust

Floor removal

Front to rear floor replacement

Preperation of floor for installation

Ready to install floor section

Clamping and welding of replacement floor

Fitting of replacement wheel wells

Salvaging portions of firewall kick panel

Firewall reconstruction

Reworked firewall to floor mount

Ordering of replacement parts

Lots of Edelbrock Aluminum on this 454!

Engine refinish

Enter the Tremec 5 Speed transmission

Pre-fit of engine

Roller Rockers help to make the 500+ horsepower

Beauty in the beast

Engine dressings

Begin floor transmission tunnel cut out

Initial cuts

Fit and welding of shifter hump

With replacement frame in its place, its time for body work

Rear qtr panel bondow runs deep

Fully stripping of all the old paint

New Quarters needed

Qtr panel removal

Replacement qtr panel installation

Etch priming hood

Laser straight body lines

Making sure the body lines match

What it takes to make aftermarket panels fit

Seam sealer applied

Floor pan installation complete

Sprayable sound deadener

Ready for trunk splatter

Custom frame awaits

Mounting body to custom chassis


Getting proper backspacing for rims

Loose body parts prep

Ready for block sanding

Final wet sanding

Correct factory satin black

Mirror wells

Lots of masking to protect finished work

Hi Gloss pre-spray

Ready for final assembly

End to end coverage

Fathom Blue basecoat

Masking for SS stripes

White stripes basecoat application

Ready for clearcoat

Laying down several coats Dupont Chroma Premier Clear

Smooth finish

Best part of the day

There's nothing like fresh clear coat

Wet sanded to perfection

Ready for buffing

Extreme buffing throughout

Finished product


Can you say straight stripes 3 times fast?

Fit and finish

Trunk Splatter application

Ready for the car shows.

Trunk details

Clean edge stripes

Proper plating of parts

Underhood details

Interior parts refinishing

Convertible top prep

Stainless before

Stainless after

Rear bumper assy

Precision dash instrumentation

Beginning Interior assembly

Bucket disassembly

Rear convertible arm rests need some help

Upholstery refinish

Power window upgrade

Think I need bigger seats guys!

Heater box assembly

Heater box installation

Gutting the stock radio

Placing LED oil pressure gauge behind radio face

Hidden oil pressure gauge complete

Electronically equipped!

Hidden-remote audio

Ready for speed

Hidden Laser detection

Here come the Boyyd's -18's & 20's

Coming together

Prefit conv top

Serpentine belt system

Custom fit Kool Flex hoses

Mocking up custom steering column shaft

Custom fab Z-bar bracket

Custom hand bent brake lines

Stainless overflow

Dual electric fans

Optima battery- or is it?

DEMON 750 Carb!

Hiding every wire

Finished wiper motor cover in place

One glossy wiper motor cover

Test fit wiper motor cover

Finish sanding


Beginning of custom wiper motor cover

Custom bent lines

Crisp floors

Boxed & tubed chassis


Not to be used for a skid plate!

Wilwood rear disc brake stopping power

Coil over suspension

Too much to list

Amazing Grace

Plating of every kind

Technical Incredible

4 Link set up

Big Meats

Flowmasters with H pipe

Two and a half inch custom bent exhaust

Fill frequently

Nice rear end

Blue accents

Type A Instrumentation

Technically advanced front end

Undercarriage shots

Winters rear end assy

Undercarriage shots

Stainless Custom Built fuel tank

Boyyd Wheels

Custom stainless gas tank

Tremec 5 speed from Keisler

Winters Rear 3:73 gears

Rack & Pinion steering

Cornering shouldn't be a problem

Through the frame exhaust

1st time in the sun

Ready for shop test drive

Perfect stance

Cowl in action

Local law enforcement critiques my first road test

Ready for client test drive

Happy with initial inspection

Bucket beauties

Passenger view

Deluxe seat belts

Muscle Cockpit

Cowl Induction Hood

Its all about the details

Lake view


Out to the beach

The ultimate sleeper

One could stare for hours


Tech talk

Happy Day

Options include........

Complete with customer dedication plaque

Team Muscle delivers the goods!

And now for the moment we have all been waiting for.....

Escorting her home



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