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70 Chevelle SS Custom Flames in Black Cherry 

Perhaps the most artistic and demanding aspect of any restoration or auto body project is the hand crafting of a perfectly straight body, smooth finish and a mirror-like gloss. After all this, the appearance of the body and exterior finish is the first thing an opinionated “car guy” will point out to his buddies if it isn't perfect!

That's why this exacting responsibility is reserved for the perfectionist with hands that can "read" and correct imperfections no one else can see long before the color goes on. Fortunately E-Muscle has one of the best in the business providing this essential skill!

We begin at bare steel and carefully work our way back up with a series of metal treatments, epoxy primers, catalyzed base coat (for extra durability), and finally, a high grade polyurethane clear coat. For the collector automobile requiring period-correct “single stage” paint, we utilize a process specially formulated to achieve the most beautiful finish possible. 

With the lifetime warranty protecting our Dupont Chroma Premier paint system, you can rest assured that your vehicle's paint job will probably be your grandchildren’s responsibility before it ever begins to deteriorate.

Our body and paint experts are so passionate about the superb work they do that hard work often feels more like fun. Here are some great examples…




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